Reps. Hebl & Sinicki call on Rep. Roys to stop misleading attacks on Rep. Pocan

Earlier today Democratic State Reps. Chris Sinicki of Milwaukee and Gary Hebl of Sun Prairie, who co-authored payday loan reform legislation in 2009 along with Democratic Rep. Gordon Hintz, called on 2nd Congressional district candidate Kelda Helen Roys to stop her repeated negative, misleading and factually incorrect attacks on State Rep. Mark Pocan concerning the bill.

“The latest information that Representative Roys has released is completely false,” stated Rep. Christine Sinicki. “Mark Pocan has co-sponsored the strongest pay-day loan reforms since 2001 and he also voted for every pay-day loan measure that Representative Roys supported.”

“Pocan signed a clean campaign pledge, unlike Representative Roys, he pledged not to attack any opponents – and only to respond to any negative attacks,” stated Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prarie). “After the amount of negativity in campaigning recently – it’s nice to see him actually talking about what he’s done and what he can get done in Washington.”

“Her ad attacks Pocan for taking money from pay day loan companies. Look at the public records of his campaign contributions,” said Hebl. “It’s just not true.”

“Pocan’s determination to build coalitions to protect consumers and achieve progress for working families in Wisconsin is unmatched,” stated Sinicki. “If Representative Roys can’t explain her record or talk about issues that she supports, then she shouldn’t be running.”

I would have attempted to reach the Roys campaign for comment on the statements by Reps. Sinicki and Hebl, but Roys campaign manager Rick Coelho and I aren’t on speaking terms.


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2 thoughts on “Reps. Hebl & Sinicki call on Rep. Roys to stop misleading attacks on Rep. Pocan

  1. Actually, again Zachary, if you read the fact checks, that attack is also true.

    There’s supporting documentation dude. Just because people who endorsed Mark, write a press release saying that she’s a liar, don’t mean it’s true.

    The votes and donations are noted.

    He can explain those votes away if he’d like, but instead he has his endorsers lie.

    That’s the type of leadership we need in Wisconsin.


    1. Yeah, Kelda Roys couldn’t have her endorsers lie for her, because she lost her last Democratic elected endorser when she went nuclear on Pocan.

      At any rate, it’s neither here nor there; because it’s looking like a double-digit win for Pocan on August 14, if the polling is to be believed.

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