VP Biden rips Romney for not releasing tax returns (VIDEO)

Speaking to The National Council of La Raza today, Vice President Joe Biden addressed Mitt Romney’s refusal to release additional tax returns that could shed light on his offshore accounts and investments in foreign tax havens.

Here’s the video.

The fact that Mitt Romney won’t release more than one year’s worth of tax returns should be troubling for anyone who values transparency, but moreso given Mitt Romney’s propensity for hiding money in offshore bank accounts and holding companies.

What exactly does Mitt Romney need to hide, if he’s handling his affairs in a manner that’s beyond reproach?


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5 thoughts on “VP Biden rips Romney for not releasing tax returns (VIDEO)

  1. Yeah, the George Romney line is the ticket to success if there is one. An interesting matter with George Romney’s taxes is that the largest figure, I believe, where his income maxed out was in 1960 at $5 million dollars. For the most part he eschewed loopholes.

    No one should vote for Romney without first seeing those 12 years of tax returns in their entirety, and as important, without having a number of well-trained economic eyes like Klein and Krugman explaining what is contained therein.

    Biden’s a good egg, but what’s with those dizzying graphics behind him? Enough of the political glitz already.

    1. I don’t recall where I heard it, but here’s another great point. Why aren’t all those folks who have been DEMANDING to see President Obama’s long-form birth certificate now DEMANDING to see Romney’s tax returns?

  2. I really could care less what millionaires like Romney, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid earn or how much they earn. What I do care about is what people like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid are doing with my money, that is what really matters

    1. Ah yes, the ameliorating line out of Fox House – make the tax returns a non-issue. This is purely a rhetorical question, JW, no need to answer: do you think that what a candidate – and particularly a candidate of Romney’s financial stature – does with his money does not reflect what he has done or will do with yours? Do you think that tax returns give no indication of how a candidate would treat the public coffers? All that matters is what politicians are doing with your money? Kind of defeats the purpose of vetting doesn’t it? I mean you really don’t know what a candidate will do until that candidate is elected. You really have nothing on which to make a responsible decision if you don’t scrutinize that candidate. Especially if a candidate (like Romney) has offered vague and incomplete ideas and then tells the public he won’t give details until after he is elected. Faith and belief work miracles, don’t they?

      Incidentally, according to Ben Franklin and his founding friends your money ceases to be your money when you pay your taxes; it is then our money to be spent for our public interest not your private desire. Something to keep in mind, perhaps, when you are thinking about what politicians are doing with your – I mean – our money.

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