Democrats John Pokrandt and Chris Rockwood to kick off general election campaigns on 8/28

John Pokrandt and Chris Rockwood have attended many events here in Waukesha County over the past several months, and I’ve gotten to know them pretty well. Both Pokrandt and Rockwood are sincere and committed to their communities. They’re also fiscally smart and incredibly resourceful, which is why they have pooled their resources and have worked together to further their campaigns for Assembly Districts 13 and 14, respectively. On August 28, they will officially kick off their campaigns for the general election.

I endorse John Pokrandt for Assembly District 13 because he is a true progressive who proudly owns his viewpoints. On his campaign website, he spells out his beliefs about women’s rights very clearly. States Pokrandt, “I will work to re-instate the equal pay act and work to see that women and men are paid equally for equal work.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose and will work to overturn the ban on abortion coverage in policies obtained through health insurance exchanges.

I will fight to make sure that all women have access to affordable contraception and family planning services…”

Pokrandt also understands the necessity and value of a strong public school system. States Pokrandt, “The Wauwatosa and Elmbrook school districts are two examples of excellence in public education. With the massive budget cuts that were part of the last budget our schools are threatened… As your next representative I will fight to restore critical funding for our public schools.”

You can read more about John Pokrandt, including his statements on his commitment to small business and job growth, transit, and the parks system on his website. He’s also on Facebook and Twitter.

I endorse Chris Rockwood for Assembly District 14 because of his progressive viewpoints, but also because he understands the importance of transparency in government.

“We need legislators whose primary commitment is to represent their constituents, not to advance the agendas of special interests,” Rockwood has said.

“Wisconsin’s traditions of civility and clean, open, transparent government have been eroded and must be restored. Legislation should be developed through open communication with the people, not by outside groups or in back rooms. We must go back to doing things “the Wisconsin way.”

Right on, Rockwood!

“I am running to be your State Representative in the newly redrawn 14th Assembly District,” Rockwood states. “I have 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer in the private sector. I understand that the needs of business and industry are important to our local economy, but the needs and concerns of individual citizens are also important. Therefore, it is my goal to speak with every community member in the district between now and November 6.”

For more information about Chris Rockwood check out his campaign website. He’s on Facebook and twitter as well.

Better yet, come out and meet both John Pokrandt and Chris Rockwood at their campaign kickoff next Tuesday.  RSVP here.


Date: Tuesday, August 28

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Juniper 61, 6030 West North Ave., Wauwatosa

Hosts and sponsors of the event include State Representative Sandy Pasch; State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa; State Senator Chris Larson; former State Senator Gary Goyke; and future state representatives  Evan Goyke  (District 18), Mandela Barnes (District 11), and Danny Riemer (District 7), all of whom won their recent primary election campaigns.

Go, progressive candidates, go!

John Pokrandt (left) and Chris Rockwood. Pics-Wauwatosa Patch

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10 thoughts on “Democrats John Pokrandt and Chris Rockwood to kick off general election campaigns on 8/28

    1. Aaron, both John and Chris have been actively campaigning for months now; what Lisa’s referencing are their official “campaign kickoff” events, if I’m not mistaken.

  1. Aaron, the GOP primaries were August 14th. Democrats Pokrandt and Rockwood are officially kicking off their campaigns for the general election now.

    1. Here in Illinois, some candidates for downticket races are just kicking off their general election campaigns in the past couple of weeks despite the fact that the Illinois primaries were in March.

      In Wisconsin, due to the August primaries, general election campaigns have to hit the ground running right after the primaries.

  2. My thanks to you too, Lisa. Your Progressive endorsements are appreciated. Would you be willing to expand on the “pooling of resources” mentioned above? I’m curious about the logistics if you have them. I’ve wondered why Democrats haven’t ventured into more cooperative rather than competitive campaigning. The idea of pooling seems to be an exciting tactical development.

    1. Hi PJ,
      I’ll get a response to your question from both Chris and John. They can provide more detailed info about their decision to pool resources, the rationale and logistics, than I would be able to. I’ll get back to you soon.

      1. PJ, sorry for the delayed response (I was out of state all weekend).
        Here’s a message from Chris Rockwood in answer to your question:

        “We are collaborating on our first couple of fundraisers for a number of reasons. The first and perhaps most important reason is that our districts are both demographically similar and complementary. Our districts cover all of Brookfield and the vast majority of Wauwatosa; every resident of Brookfield is a potential voter for one of us, and the same is true in Wauwatosa except for one ward which is in the 12th Assembly District. We are both East Wauwatosa residents and were formerly in the same district represented by David Cullen. We are friends and travel in the same political circles, so it’s a natural fit. Holding joint fundraisers also allows us to attract more hosts/sponsors and appears to raise the interest level. We are hoping to use this strategy to increase both attendance and the total amount raised.”

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