Dent and Coleman Can but Pasch Can’t?

While any number of African American leaders and candidates in Milwaukee have been highly critical of Rep. Sandy Pasch’s (currently representing the 22nd Assembly District) campaign for the Assembly in the predominantly African American 10th Assembly District…there has been stone silence about someone in their local community essentially doing exactly the same thing!

Two candidates for the 17th Assembly District are not current residents of that district. That includes Tracey Dent (interestingly enough an associate of Rep. Elizabeth Coggs) and Sam Coleman.

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Dent, an accountant, said he “caught the bug” for politics while working in Milwaukee Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Coggs’ office.
Although Dent currently lives in Coggs’ 10th Assembly District, he said he’ll move to the 17th District if elected.

Coleman also said he plans to move, because he currently lives 45 seconds outside the district.

Now, to be fair, this is perfectly legal. But I do have an issue with calling Rep. Pasch’s actions into question while other local candidates are doing the exact same thing in the very same neighborhoods. I can only ask, what do you suppose the difference could be?

BTW: Mr. Dent is also one of the local voucher school supporters that has received help from the American Federation for Children to the tune of $15,000 so far. Just sayin’


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3 thoughts on “Dent and Coleman Can but Pasch Can’t?

  1. It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple. This is how the Coggs-Taylor crowd operates; they’ll tell constituents they should for someone who looks like them, only to turn around and accuse Sandy Pasch of racism.

    Then they’ll attack Pasch for not living in the district she’s running in, while ignoring the fact that their preferred candidates in other races are doing the same thing.

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