Galt/Gekko 2012

Here’s economist Paul Krugman’s take on the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

What I do know is that anyone who believes in Ryan’s carefully cultivated image as a brave, honest policy wonk has been snookered. Mark Thoma reviews selected pieces I’ve written about Ryan; he is, in fact, a big fraud, who doesn’t care at all about fiscal responsibility, and whose policy proposals are sloppy as well as dishonest. Of course, this means that he’ll fit in to the Romney campaign just fine.

As I said, I have no idea how this will play politically. But it does look like a move from weakness, rather than strength; Romney obviously felt he needed a VP who will get people to stop talking about him.

While the selection of Paul Ryan to Romney’s ticket will no doubt add some sorely needed charisma – which isn’t hard considering Romney utter lack of any approaching charisma – Krugman’s assessment is on point. This move was made from weakness rather than strength, because Mitt Romney’s desperate to get folks talking about anything other than his complete lack of honesty, his total lack of transparency, and his absolute unwillingness to provide anything in the way of specifics when it comes to how he’d govern as president.

While the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate may be lauded in Tea Party circles, I’m betting Ryan won’t help Romney win Wisconsin in November, nor will he help Romney win the White House. Heck, the fact that Paul Ryan is going to run for his House seat at the same time he’s running for vice president just underscores the fact that he can’t think too highly of his ticket’s chances of beating President Obama and Vice President Biden in November.


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7 thoughts on “Galt/Gekko 2012

  1. Remember that Biden ran for Senate while running for VP. The more reasonable read on this is that Ryan is playing it safe.

    But it gives Rob Zerban an extra argument — “A vote for me guarantees no more elections this year.”

  2. The other plus for Romney is that the media loves this because it means more money forthcoming from zealots on both sides. They will do all they can to make this race as close as possible, and that means making the ridiculous Ryan budget proposals seem reasonable…and even laudatory as “leadership.”

    If they succeed, it will eventually mean a right-wing takeover of the media as the economy becomes too weak to sustain any type of real governance.

  3. Zach, Ryan is 100% the best!! Romney/Ryan gives me a warm tingling sensation running up my leg!!

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