Husband alleged to have attempted to kill wife over her alleged affair with Wisconsin DHS Secretary

This is sordid…

A retired Texas businessman was charged with attempted murder Tuesday for allegedly pouring gasoline on his wife at an East Side storage locker then igniting the gas with a lighter.

After helping put out a fire that briefly went up her arms and legs, Andrew D. Spear, 59, told Mary Spear that the storage locker, where Spear had his wood shop, would be the last place she would see, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

“You’re gonna die in here and nobody will never know,” he told her, according to the complaint. “They’ll never find your body.”

The alleged incident happened after days in which Andrew Spear was alternately despondent and threatening over his belief that his wife was having an affair with her boss, state Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith, according to the complaint.

Mary Spear, who told police that Smith is a longtime friend, is the chief legal counsel for DHS. According to the complaint, she denied to her husband the affair but later told him that she loved him and was sorry that she had lied to him.

At this point the allegations that Dennis Smith is having an extramarital affair (according to his official bio he’s married with 4 daughters) with a subordinate are simply that – allegations – but if they’re true the Dennis Smith should resign his position immediately.


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6 thoughts on “Husband alleged to have attempted to kill wife over her alleged affair with Wisconsin DHS Secretary

  1. So who’s surprised?

    Smith is Heritage’s man in Wisconsin and has been screwing our citizens, especially the sick, old, and poor since his appointment by Walker.

    When will we get rid of the outsiders brought in by Walker from the Koch Brothers, RNC, Heritage Foundation, U.S. Chamber of Congress, the Bunny Club, Texass, and God only knows who and what else?

    Granted, Walker is creating jobs, but not for Wisconsin citizens.

    1. Correction: “the Bunny Club” should read “Hooters.”

      P.S. Feel free to add other of Walker’s “foreign” entities and agents.

  2. If it wasn’t for Act 10, Mary Spear would not even have her job at DHS. Chief Legal Counsel used to be a civil service position filled by highly experienced, competent, non-partisan attorneys. Thanks to Act 10, it’s yet another position that can be used to park one of Walker’s political hacks. Couldn’t find an attorney in Wisconsin to serve as Chief Legal Counsel at DHS? For that matter, couldn’t find somebody in Wisconsin to serve as Secretary of DHS???

    1. Pioneer- And THIS is why it’s a big story. Someone’s having an affair with the DHS Secretary 7 months after she’s sent over from Texass to take this high-paying gig? Sounds like a more grown-up version of the Valerie Cass situation, doesn’t it?

      And yet the J-S says NOTHING about this case. We need to do more working of the refs on this and other stories, because the media clearly isn’t going to perform their public service in this matter.

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