La Crosse County Supervisor/labor leader arrested in prostitution sting

Seriously?!?! Really?!?!?

A La Crosse County supervisor who was among those arrested Monday on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute tells the La Crosse Tribune “I very much want to take full responsibility for my actions and express extreme sorrow and disappointment in myself.”

Bill Brockmiller, 48, was among five men arrested in the prostitution sting, the newspaper reports.

Later in the Journal Sentinel’s account, Brockmiller is quoted as noting he’s dealt with “extreme personal baggage” within the past year including the deaths of both his parents, but while I certainly appreciate that Brockmiller has had a difficult year personally, lots of people deal with “extreme personal baggage” and don’t resort to soliciting prostitutes.

In addition to his position as an elected official in La Crosse County, Brockmiller is also a state employee and a labor leader in western Wisconsin, and as I write this Brockmiller has not indicated if he’ll resign any of his positions after his recent criminal behavior.


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