Man Shoots Own Buttocks

If this wasn’t such a serious matter, I’d be laughing. Well allright, I am laughing a little. Still, just think how lucky this person was not to be seriously injured, Just think of those innocents sitting near him. The gun fell out of his pocket and discharged when it hit the floor. That bullet could have hit someone, a child.

Please explain to me why carrying a gun in public is a good thing?


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8 thoughts on “Man Shoots Own Buttocks

  1. Question, with all the new concealed carry laws being passed, is it still illegal to discharge a firearm within city/village/town limits?

  2. I’m in favor of concealed carry, but many places (including Wisconsin) have gone too far in that direction. If you are legally carrying but do so in a reckless/negligent manner or somehow handle your gun in a reckless/negligent manner…you should be facing charges, especially if your recklessness/negligence harms another person…period. Where WI Republicans went wrong was in not requiring safe-handling/shooting training. Nor is there a limit to the number of guns one can carry or a specified means for how you carry them (i.e. holster). So, under the poorly written WI law…any idiot with a CC license could tuck 4 guns in his waistband and walk around like New Jack City. It’s ridiculous.

  3. It’s very likely there were serious injuries.
    The discharge of a gun creates a shockwave which will damage the unprotected hearing of anyone closeby, especially in enclosed spaces. As with whiplash, symptoms are often not apparent immediately. Or ones that are, like ringing in the ears, are though to heal fully, but they won’t. Children are especially vulnerable, and it may take years for the damage to become apparent. This idiot’s ass is the least concern here.
    If I’d been there, I’d sue for negligent injury.

  4. @Roland: Thanks for your thoughtful response. Still, if there was no allowance for carrying guns in public then we wouldn’t have to worry about reckless/negligent manners. There we’ll just disagree.

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