Mark Neumann secures Tea Party Express endorsement

Yesterday the Tea Party Express endorsed former Congressman Mark Neumann as that group’s preferred candidate in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Along with the endorsement, the Tea Party Express has indicated it will run television ads on behalf of Neumann starting early next week.

No doubt the extremists from the Tea Party Express were drawn to Neumann because of his strong anti-gay ideology, because those Tea Party folks aren’t exactly a tolerant, inclusive bunch.


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4 thoughts on “Mark Neumann secures Tea Party Express endorsement

  1. JWayne- No, hatred of the blacks and general “others” also applies. And overall fear of the 21st Century, which seems to have passed you losers by.

    Remember, Tea Party Express is just a front for former Rep. Dick Armey and his self-centered Texass garbage. He’s probably a buddy of Neumann’s from his time in Congress, and this is payback.

    And please let the baggers vote for this guy. We got 20 years of this guy’s foolishness and bullying just waiting to come out (should I have let that out?)

  2. JIM- I bet you thought we were “scared” of Sarah Palin. Let me clue you in, when we mock someone, we do it because we’re laughing at them, not because it’s a defense mechanism. I understand where that can confuse you.

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