Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy engages in intimidating & assaultive behavior (VIDEO)

This is absolutely galling…

This past Friday night, workers from Palermo’s Pizza in their third month on strike joined the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) on a Milwaukee bridge with the message “PALERMOS – NEGOTIATE!”. OLB is a loose affiliation of volunteer activists who take signs of lighted letters out on Wisconsin pedestrian bridges at night. They have organized close to one hundred bridge actions and their right to do so has been very clearly defined and previously recognized by both local police and sheriff’s departments.

Friday’s action had been organized as part of a nation-wide series of events this past weekend around Palermo’s, calling on the frozen pizza manufacturer to negotiate fairly with its workers, and recognize widespread concerns over heath and safety violations, wage issues, and the right to form a union. OLB has gone out several times in solidarity with representatives from the Palermo Workers Union.

Milwaukee police arrived at the bridge around 9:00 pm, after supporters had been holding lights reading “PALERMOS – NEGOTIATE” for about an hour. The first MPD responders stated they had been called to the bridge by the Milwaukee County Sheriffs Department. They stated that they were unsure as to why they had been called, and waited for the Sheriffs Department to show up.

Deputy Callies of the Sheriff’s Department soon arrived and immediately stormed on to the bridge, which was filled with striking Palermo workers and their families holding signs, including several young children. Around 30 people were present in total, including many community supporters. Deputy Callies demanded that the lights be taken down and turned off. He then stated loudly that he would be arresting everyone on the bridge for disorderly conduct.

At this point, close to twenty police vehicles had arrived or were en route (witnesses counted one paddy wagon, two bicycle police, two motorcycle police, six Milwaukee police squads, including a K-9 unit, and nine Milwaukee County Sheriff vehicles). Lisa Moline of OLB tried to reason with Deputy Callies, who grew more and more agitated that he was being challenged on the constitutionality of his order to shut the message down.

As the video clearly captures, Deputy Callies then turned around lunged at a woman who was videotaping his tirade. He forcibly reached for her camera, pushing himself into her (most likely realizing she had just captured his entire episode digitally). In the process, he grabbed the woman’s arm and ripped the camera phone out of her hand, giving no explanation for the confiscation, despite pleading efforts from the woman as to why her camera phone was stolen. He then tore another supporter’s phone away in the exact same manner.

Here’s video of the incident in question.

It’s important to note that the Overpass Light Brigade has been visited a number of times by local law enforcement agencies during their bridge actions of the past nine months, and in all those contacts with law enforcement they’ve never once been found to be violating any laws. Deputy Callies’ overly aggressive response to the OLB’s action on Friday was not only unwarranted and unnecessary, it was unacceptable and outrageous.


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7 thoughts on “Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy engages in intimidating & assaultive behavior (VIDEO)

  1. Well said.

    For those of us committed to non-violence, live streaming, other video conferencing strategies, are our only hope.

  2. Officer Callies is one of the “Best” the sheriff’s department has every had. He’s “by the book,” non-agressive, and slow to anger. There are a few other videos of the occupy demonstration out there that prove it!

    -Roisin Rzeznik

      1. I did watch the video, that is why I commented.
        It was not an accurate, “snapshot” of the entire incident. As I said, there is more than one video, as well.
        It was not the 1st time officers responded to disburse the crowd. They were responding for a reason…and the crowd clearly contained belligerent, mocking, and pugnacious individuals…
        There is a limit to how much needs to be tolerated by law enforcement, there exist a point when public and/or law enforcement safety overrides an individuals right to protest.

    1. Roisin, why did it take you almost four-years to respond?

      If you knew Deputy Callies, you’d know not to call him, “Officer.”

      1. It was actually just brought to my attention. I don’t spend time on the net, so I wasn’t aware until now. I believe in truth being brought forward at any time…
        I don’t believe in isolated, out-of-context moments, defining anyone.
        Especially when laced with liberal motivated agenda..


        I was commenting in context to previous comments…

        “It’s, Mr. Callies to you,” I am sure.


        1. Roisin,

          What, “previous comments?”

          You are not a conservative.

          Please discontinue your disrespect for law enforcement. It’s Deputy Callies.

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