Oh by the way…

The Wisniewskis are taking our first family vacation in many years starting tomorrow. While I expect to have some internet access at the hotel, I don’t expect I’ll have much ambition to write. I trust Lisa, Ed, Jay, Other Side, etc. will hold down the fort, and I’ll see you when I get back!


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7 thoughts on “Oh by the way…

  1. WOW I thought all you union people were living check to check since Scott Waqlker became gov. and now your taking your first vacation in years…looks like its working!

    1. You’re an absolute asshole….way to turn a benign announcement into a political statement.

      However, since you went there, let’s talk about the fact that thanks to Gov. Walker my take-home pay is over $300 less than it was a year ago, and did I mention I haven’t gotten a pay raise in 5 years? The only reason we’re able to afford a vacation (and a modest one at that, since we’re only going to the Dells for a few days) is because of my wife’s income. The fact is, nothing Scott Walker has done has benefited my family; all he’s done is make it harder for us to get by.

      1. Turn the other cheek, Z. jwayne’s maliciousness will be meted out upon his immortal soul. Put his malevolence behind you.

        Wishing you and your family a fun vacation. 🙂

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