The Tammy Baldwin Cheddarbomb

In advance of the results in today’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin has announced she’s doing a Cheddarbomb to help raise money for her campaign. No matter who her Republican opponent may be, there’s absolutely no doubt Tammy will face a tough fight until the November election, and no doubt there’ll be no shortage of outside money spent by shadowy right-wing groups hell-bent on seeing a Republican extremist elected to the U.S. Senate.

If you’d like to help make Tammy Baldwin’s Cheddarbomb a success, click the image below to make a secure donation to Tammy’s campaign.

Baldwin Cheddarbomb

Along with the email her campaign sent out announcing the Cheddarbomb, Baldwin issued a statement.

I’ve known Paul Ryan for a long time and while I consider him a friend, families in Wisconsin know that the Romney/Ryan agenda is wrong for our state, wrong for our nation and wrong for the middle class.

Wisconsin is going to be a critical battleground this fall. In just a matter of hours, Republicans will choose my general election opponent. No matter which of the GOP candidates emerge, we know he’d be a rubber stamp of approval for the Romney/Ryan agenda if elected. We must do what’s right for the middle class and I need you to join our fight.

We need to be prepared. With Russ Feingold’s support, we are launching our 2012 Cheddarbomb — a time when progressives across the country come together to support the candidates they know will fight for them.


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