Tommy Thompson’s tough tax week

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson really really doesn’t want to release his tax returns (not even a single year), and the coverage his Senate campaign has received in the week following his win in the Republican senate primary has been dominated by that refusal to release his tax returns.

While Tommy Thompson says one of the reasons he isn’t going to release his tax returns is because he doesn’t work for the people of Wisconsin (as noted in the video), Tommy would be wise to remember that this election is essentially a job interview to represent our state in the United States Senate, and Thompson’s steadfast refusal to release even one single year of his tax returns shows a stunning lack of regard for the transparency and openness that Wisconsinites have come to expect from their elected officials and candidates for elected office.

Since Tommy Thompson’s answer to anyone who wants to see his tax returns is “N-O,” our answer to his request to represent our state in the United States Senate should be “N-O.” Wisconsin deserves a Senator who isn’t afraid to be honest, open, and transparent, and it’s abundantly clear Tommy Thompson wouldn’t be that kind of Senator.


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1 thought on “Tommy Thompson’s tough tax week

  1. See something familar, Tommy T., Mit, Paul Ryan, Gov. Walker, slopy Kathy in Waukaushaw, all refused to give info. when requested to give info. and they are all tea party. It should be manditory to provide open and honest info. to be on the ballot, and to stay in office. No one has an answer for this; Who will pay for the new baby boom if pro life gets their way??? Will the children be neglected???? Adoption is not the answer, too many kids are in foster care on the tax dime. Please confront them, Demand answers.

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