Video of Elizabeth Coggs’ “vote for someone that looks like you” comment

Admittedly, the video quality isn’t the greatest, but here’s some video of “Democrat” Elizabeth Coggs explaining to a majority African-American audience that they should vote for someone that looks like them.

In other Elizabeth Coggs-related news, Democrat Nikiya Harris, one of Coggs’ opponents in the race in the 6th State Senate district, issued a statement denouncing Coggs for falsly claiming her campaign has been endorsed by Michael Bonds, the president of the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors. Here’s Harris’ statement.

“Throughout the course of this campaign Representative Coggs has made repeated false claims concerning her support, her campaign activity, and the people who have endorsed her. A prime example is stating the president of the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors Dr. Michael Bonds had publicly endorsed her. Dr. Bonds has stated that he wishes to stay out of the race and not endorse any candidate. She has made these claims more than once. I am disappointed in Representative Coggs making false claims especially when she is being supported by the America Federation for Children, a Republican-funded organization determined to see an end to Milwaukee Public Schools.”


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