What’s wrong with this picture?

On July 31, Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor posted this photo to her Facebook page.

As noted in the photo, that’s Sen. Taylor posing with Trayvon Martin’s Mother at the Rainbow Push Coalition Conference in Chicago, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who Trayvon Martin is.

What’s shocking to me is that Sen. Taylor thought it appropriate to pose for a picture with a woman whose son was gunned down by a firearm-wielding man, considering this is the same Lena Taylor who voted to enact not only the new law allowing for concealed carry of firearms in Wisconsin, but also the so-called “Castle Doctrine” law that led to the shooting death of 20 year-old Bo Morrison.

In my opinion, Lena Taylor has no business posing in any photos with anyone whose life has been impacted by gun violence, because Lena Taylor has proven through her voting record that when it comes to guns and gun violence she’s part of the problem – not part of the solution.


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15 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Well, in my opinion concealed carry and the Castle Doctrine are really two separate issues.

    In most states, concealed carry has been proven to reduce violent crime by about 2-5% in the years after passage. That’s not as much as the gun fetishists would like to have you believe, but it’s still a positive result, and it indicates to me that it was probably a good thing that Wisconsin joined 48 other states, all but Illinois, in allowing it.

    The Castle Doctrine is a different story. Certainly there is the potential for unintended consequences, such as domestic violence situations. But that’s not what happened with Bo Morrison, and it actually makes me really, really angry when people try to compare the Bo Morrison case to the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon Martin was walking down a sidewalk where he had every right to be. Bo Morrison broke into someone’s house to hide from the police. Yes, it probably would have been better if the homeowner would have acted in a calmer manner. But you know what? The homeowner had absolutely no way of knowing what Morrison’s intentions were. All he knows is that there is a guy in his house that has absolutely no business being there. He doesn’t know if the guy is planning on harming his kids, or what.

    1. Firstly, correlation does not equal causation. It cannot be scientifically proven that concealed carry laws caused violent crime to be reduced by 2-5% as you claim, since there are so many variables involved.

      Secondly, Bo Morrison may have committed a crime, but did not have the benefit of due process that the Constitution grants. That right was stripped away by a single individual. Not even the police have that right, but somehow the homeowner did? Please tell me how that is right in civilized society.

      Tell me how it is right that a door to door salesman can be shot dead in broad daylight by a coward whose only way of dealing with fear was to pack heat. And then to shoot him in the back of the head just to make a point. How is that right? Don’t those victims have a right to their lives?

  2. Lena Taylor’s state senate district, SD-4, is overwhelmingly-Democratic and Black-majority. The only way that Taylor could justify voting for concealed carry is if she has ambitions on running for statewide office in Wisconsin in the future.

    Also, I consider myself to be a supporter of gun rights, then again, I live in a conservative area of the one state that doesn’t have legalized concealed carry, Illinois, but I absolutely despise the NRA for a number of reasons: Ted Nugent’s vile remarks that he made at the NRA convention in Saint Louis earlier this year, the NRA-orchestrated witch-hunt against Eric Holder, the NRA’s overwhelming influence over elected officials, and their rabid opposition to any legislative proposal that even remotely looks like a gun control measure.

  3. C.C. and the Castle Doctrine are not the problems, but if we actually looked at the real problem people would not like what they see and just go back to blaming law abiding citizens for all the gun deaths in this country. As for the idea of MORE gun control you can legislate all you want the only people who abide by the laws are not the ones breaking them and if you think gun deaths will go down just because YOU say certain guns are not legal you are missing the boat. Those guns will still be out there and they will still be available to those who want them they will just cost a bit more to the crminal.

  4. Come on, you can do better than this. Are you just pissed off cuz she pointed out the need for African American?

    It is just slander to proclaim there anything wrong with one of the only African American Wisconsin State Senators having a pic taken with an African American women that suffered a devastating loss because of how she voted on cc.

    Shame on you.

  5. It’s weird a guy named Jwayne wants more guns.

    Listen, the Castle Doctrine and Stand your ground laws are dangerous legislation. Sure “law abiding citizens must protect themselves.” But when paranoia takes hold, people act in irrational manners and then, those who have undertones of prejudice tend to take aim. (pun def. intended.)

    It’s not hard to see what happens when those with underlying prejudice are encouraged to carry deadly weapons and are put in a situation they feel uncomfortable.

    Gun Violence.

  6. This is BS and you should know better. While I don’t think it was a good choice to vote for cc, she must have her reasons and probably could articulate them clearly — she is one of the most passionate speakers in Wisconsin legislature.

    Why do you want to slander one of the only African Americans women to ever have an elected position in the legislature when she took a picture where it is clear the mother of Martin appears to approve being in the picture which was taken at a Chicago Rainbow Coalition event.

    And you are a progressive?

    What’s your bug? Upset that Sen. Taylor speaks out on the need to have representatives with backgrounds and experience in America as African Americans?

    I’m a liberal/progressive and I respect the need to bring more diversity into the fold — are you one of the folks that think under-served communities should just shut up and do what Caucasian democratics tell them to do?

    This post really falls into the “shame on you” catagorie because there is no reason to think Taylor is exploiting the situation nor that a women whom you don’t even have enough respect for to do a little googlin’ and find out her real name!

    By the way, it is Sybrina Fulton, not that you cared — your intention was just to slime a progressive woman for your own purposes.

    1. I’m very definitely a progressive, though I’m not sure Lena Taylor is, considering her votes on CC and the Castle Doctrine.

      As for the rest of your diatribe, spare me.

    2. But I will add that your comments about my not naming Trayvon Martin’s mother is ironic, considering Sen. Taylor couldn’t/didn’t name her in her Facebook photo.

      I look forward to you attacking Sen. Taylor for not respecting Sybrina Fulton enough to name her.

    3. Badgerblogger- This post by Zach is just part of a larger conspiracy of the Eastside and Bay View activists trying to impose their values on the African American community.

      1. I was wondering when “John” would make an appearance to call me a racist/sexist or some other such nonsense. Thanks for making an appearance “John,” and thanks for being so predictable!

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