8 thoughts on “Caption this (Tommy Thompson style)

  1. …possible captions are, and this is Completely Snarky, and has no political relevance at all, but here goes…
    “Juan, I TOLD you not to greet me in the street with your Gay Pride drag on!…”
    ” Hermalinda, I had no IDEA that Latino music was so much like the Polka!…”
    “Do Hmong girls want to be cheerleaders in high school as much as American girls do?…
    “No, I do NOT want my car washed to benefit the Native American Scholarship Fund, as it looks like you are using badger pelts to dry the cars!…say, could I BUY those pelts from you?
    As I say, just snarky, not really substantive, I hope, anyway…

  2. Thats his fucking daughter in law and here you are attacking not only Tommy but now his family. This makes me sick and shows how low you will go. Wasn’t Obama who said leave family out of it?This is absolutely distasteful and you should be embarresed.

  3. That’s “embarrassed”. Why do Republicans have such problems with spelling? His “fucking daughter in law”? Such language, you should be emabressed!

    It does look like an attempted abduction. I’m thinking alcohol may have been involved.

  4. Low humour I can do. Low politics were disclaimed at the front, with a Snark Only Warning. There is no attack present, only the sort of thing one might see in a political cartoon. I tried to address a few issues that might be of interest to voters, while getting Thompson opponents to smile. I expected no smiles from TT supporters.
    The photo is Mr. Thompson’s daughter-in-law. Cool, what is her name? Did she know that, by allowing her photo to be used on a politician’s website, that she might have opened herself up to at least being observed, something private citizens do not usually have to put up with. I mean nothing mean to her, I mean “mean” things to TT, who is more clueless than ever about subjects he ought to know and be speaking about, of interest to WI voters, and the national audience as well.
    Go, Tammy, B. you can succeed Herb Kohl wonderfully, because you are an out gay person, and HK never had the inclination to make such a disclosure, which has been rumoured and discussed for years in WI, and DC.
    p.s. I can really, REALLY spell…

  5. Go TAMMY not Tommy. I hope some day we will have all of our politians get their heads out of peoples personal business and start runing the country, like repairing dangerous bridges, educating our kids for future jobs,so they can take pride in their work, ect… Tax info. should be required with no resistance of all our canidates. Part of the job. No one has an answer for this, and I ask a lot: Who will pay for the new baby boom if pro life takes away birth control,will the children be neglected???? What politian would neglect a child??? maybe they learned that at ALEC meetings. Don’t Tommy, Walker, and Fitzgerald have memberships in ALEC ??? Your taxes at work!

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