Dan Sebring’s health care “reform” plan? Allow medical professionals to voluntarily care for the uninsured!

During his failed 2010 campaign to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, Republican Dan Sebring put forth a health care “reform” plan that was written by an employee of health insurance company Wellpoint and involved transforming health insurance companies into “medical financing companies” that would provide non-dischargeable (in other words, not erasable through bankruptcy) financing to patients to cover their medical bills.

Fast-forward to 2012 and Dan Sebring is back for another electoral drubbing at the hands of Rep. Moore, but this time he’s got a “new and improved” health care reform plan. Sebring’s health care “reform” plan is remarkably for not just its simplicity, but its sheer stupidity, and here it is:

I believe the government should help those without health insurance by changing the tax code to allow medical professionals to voluntarily care for the uninsured and write off the cost.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I should be shocked or saddened at the simplicity of Dan Sebring’s health care “reform” plan, because it’s something a thirteen year-old could have come up with in about five minutes.

Later in his health care “reform” plan, Sebring has the unmitigated gall to include the following passage:

I will not engage in such radical legislative action, voting for bills that would impose my own will on the voters without respecting the voice of all of my constituents, including those on the other side of the debate.

Sebring’s statement that he would respect the voice of all his constituents seems to me to be a blatant lie, given the lengths Sebring’s campaign has gone to in order to stifle the opinions of those of his potential constituents who don’t share his narrow world view.

When Dan Sebring says he’d respect the voice of all his constituents if elected, what he really means is he’d ignore the voice of any constituents who don’t march in lockstop with his far right ideology, so I suppose it’s a good thing he’s going to get crushed by Gwen Moore in November.


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3 thoughts on “Dan Sebring’s health care “reform” plan? Allow medical professionals to voluntarily care for the uninsured!

  1. Any professional has the option to write off a legitimate charge that was not paid. Sebring’s reform is no reform, but another ALEC strategy to lock the healthcare industry into the “anti-Obamacare” situation. Right now, most healthcare professionals insist on insurance coverage before they will even take a patient because they know they will have an opportunity to collect “most” of their fees. This proposal allows them to collect the rest from the government in the form of underpaid taxes without waiting for the tax year to end. But most important, it puts the healthcare industry and the governement more tightly into private hands.

  2. But I thought the objection to Obamacare was that it would let a flood of non-worthy people into the system, taking up scarce resources.
    Someone should ask him how this keeps the undeserving away from the deserving, preferably in front of a camera and in a room full of tea partiers.

  3. is this a better or worse idea than going back to having doctors accepting chickens for payment, as the Repug Senate Candidate in Nevada in 2010 waxed nostalgically about?

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