Fired up and ready to go see President Obama, even in Waukesha County

As you’ve probably heard by now, President Obama will be speaking in Milwaukee on Saturday, 9/22. The event is free, but tickets are required for admission. OFA offices across the state began handing out tickets at 5pm on Wednesday evening on a first-come, first-served basis. When I went down to my local office to pick up my tickets, I was surprised to find a line snaking around the block. It was after 8pm. In Waukesha County.

I expressed delight when I joined the line still forming shortly after 8:00 last night, but Waukesha OFA staff seemed unfazed by the excitement. This was nothing, they told me. The line was much longer earlier in the evening, winding around several city blocks, they said.

Indeed, friends of mine from all over Waukesha County- Oconomowoc, Hartland, Delafield, Brookfield, Waukesha- had waited patiently for their tickets, some as long as two hours. And by 8:30pm, the Waukesha OFA office was out of tickets for the day, according to DPW volunteer Marga Krumins.

The Waukesha OFA office wasn’t the only location swamped with ticket-seekers yesterday. Senator Chris Larson encouraged residents of Milwaukee to get their tickets before they were gone. “Did you get your tickets to see Barack Obama this Saturday? They’re going fast from the Obama offices right now,” Larson wrote on his Facebook page.

It’s been awhile since I’ve experienced this large-scale feeling of solidarity in my state. So I’m going to ride this wave of forward momentum and enjoy the hell out of it.

Get your tickets before they’re gone.


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9 thoughts on “Fired up and ready to go see President Obama, even in Waukesha County

  1. I just missed you at the office. I had an appointment at 8 elsewhere, but stopped in to make calls telling people where they could get tickets. As I approached the office I thought, “oh no, it finally happened. There is a protest outside the office.” Imagine my delight when I realized it was a huge line of people waiting for tickets! A bunch of people jumped on the phones to make calls before or after they got their tickets, too. A really exciting night. 🙂

  2. A number of ticket locations in Milwaukee have signs on their locked doors that they are out of tickets and to try other offices and those offices are not answering their phones. You’d think they’d be handing out bumper stickers and yard signs to those who were still showing up to get tickets (and making sure people are registered to vote) – seems like a missed opportunity. There were plenty of people trying to get tickets at the 2201 N MLK Drive location. Anyone know where tickets are still available?

  3. DK,

    The Waukesha Office is expecting to have more tickets at between 3-4pm today, but they have no idea how many they will get. Not sure about the other offices…The Waukesha office is located at 805 Clinton St.

  4. Why did OFA decide to go with such a small venue? It seats few more than fill some city blocks in Milwaukee.

    1. I’m betting OFA picked a smaller venue to ensure all the seats got filled for a better visual, because President Obama has had problems filling larger venues on the campaign trail.

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