Mitt Romney says: “I’d have a better shot of winning this” if parents were Mexicans (VIDEO)

Yesterday I wrote about the absolute train wreck that was Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s May appearance at a behind closed doors fundraiser in Florida. At the time, I focused on Romney’s now-famous comments characterization of the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes as as freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them, but among the other comments Romney made was a comment that he’d have a better chance winning the presidency if his parents were Mexicans, not Americans who happened to live in Mexico. Listen for yourselves:

Ordinarily I’d write about how completely out of touch Mitt Romney is, but at this point that would be akin to beating a dead horse. In my opinion, Mitt Romney is the most inept, out of touch, and undeserving presidential candidate in the history of this nation.


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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney says: “I’d have a better shot of winning this” if parents were Mexicans (VIDEO)

  1. It’s nice to see he’s working to shore up the crucial Mexican-American vote. If he keeps it up his poll numbers in that demographic will look like they do in the Black community, which is 0.0%.

  2. Rather than blaming his parents for a poor relationship with minorities, Romney would do better to reject the racism of the GOP policies and states’ legislation such as voter suppression.

  3. We should all be viewing a possible Romney presidency in the same way we looked at Obama in 2008. It would be a breakthrough moment in the nation’s history. For the first time ever a malfunctioning robot would be elected President of the United States of America.

  4. I still have not got an answer to my favorite question, and I ask a lot. Who will pay for the new baby boom if pro life takes away birth control, will the children be neglected?? SOMEONE PLEASE CONFRONT THEM, DEMAND ANSWERS, WHAT IS THEIR PLAN???????????????????????????

  5. Mr. Romney keeps touting his father’s Mexican birthplace during his appearances before Hispanic audiences. But he keeps forgetting to mention why his grandfather’s family was living there in the first place. Nor the fact that his father would have had his own ‘birther’ issue if he’d pursued his campaign for the White House.

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