Mitt Romney asks: where did the water come from?

And this guy wants to be president?!?!? (emphasis added)

Surveying the flood damage produced by Hurricane Isaac, newly minted Republican nominee Mitt Romney on Friday told Gov. Bobby Jindal that he had come to Louisiana to learn — and then asked where all the water came from.

Meeting with fellow Republican Jindal in the flooded Lafitte area of Jefferson Parish, Romney said, “I appreciate the chance to be here. I have a lot of questions for you. I’m here to learn and obviously to draw some attention to what’s going here, so that people around the country know that people down here need help.”

Jindal, who had not attended the GOP convention in Tampa because of the storm, lauded the contributions of the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other organizations amid a scene of downed trees, high water, and National Guard troops. Romney expressed concern about the welfare of the 5,000 residents, some of whom had evacuated. He then asked, according to a journalists’ pool report of the visit: “Did the water come from the sky, or the rivers, or the ocean?”

Wow….just wow.


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2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney asks: where did the water come from?

  1. Actually, that’s not such a stupid question. It makes a difference for insurance claims, for instance, whether water damage is caused by rain or by floodwaters (the rule of thumb is that if it hits the ground before it hits your house, you’re only covered if you have flood insurance). It makes a difference in evaluating the effectiveness of levies and the importance of wetland buffer zones whether the water came from the storm surge (the ocean) or the rising rivers. In a storm event like Isaac, all three types of inundation may occur, but some areas may see more water from one of those sources than the others. Romney is frequently out of touch, but I’m not sure that he was in this case, without seeing more context.

  2. I agree, just a poor phrasing of a legitimate question. Whoever was with him should have taken the opportunity to educate Mr. Romney on how insurance companies after Katrina used exactly that kind of question to screw over customers who purchased their products in good faith. If Mr. Romney thinks corporations are people he needs to become well versed in good corporate citizenship.

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