My thoughts on the Thompson campaign’s homophobic attacks on Tammy Baldwin

Last week Lisa wrote about the nasty, gutter-style attacks being used against Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin by the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson. While Ben Nemoir, who serves as Thompson’s political director, disavowed any connection between his attacks on Baldwin and the Thompson campaign, it’s important to note that as I write this, I have yet to see Tommy Thompson or anyone else from his campaign disavow Nemoir’s attacks.

However, while Tommy Thompson and his U.S. Senate campaign staffers seem to condone homophobic attacks on Tammy Baldwin, former Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has criticized Thompson for failing to take any responsibility for the attacks, writing on his Facebook page:

“In Wisconsin, we reject divisive personal attacks. It’s time for Tommy Thompson to both take responsibility for the harmful divisiveness of his campaign and to squarely reject it.”

And let’s keep in mind that Tommy Thompson, himself no stranger to saying really stupid things, has little room to criticize Tammy Baldwin’s supposed lack of “heartland values,” considering Tommy’s long been rumored to be a philanderer.

Ultimately, I don’t expect Tommy Thompson or anyone from his campaign to apologize for Brian Nemoir’s attacks on Tammy Baldwin, because Thompson strikes me as just the kind of “good old boy” who will say he’s not a homophobe while condoning homophobic statements with a wink and a nod.


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