Tommy Thompson wants to “do away with Medicaid and Medicare” (VIDEO)

“Tea Party” Tommy Thompson, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate here in Wisconsin, wants you to know something:

He’ll “do away with Medicaid and Medicare” if Wisconsin’s voters send him to the United States Senate.

Don’t believe me? Watch “Tea Party” Tommy tell you himself.

As Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive has written, Tommy Thompson’s policies for doing away with Medicaid and Medicare are 100% in line with the policies of of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, with the exception that Romney and Ryan haven’t been quite as blunt as Thompson in announcing their plans to end Medicare and Medicaid as we know those programs.

In the above video, Thompson said, “Let’s block grant what the state has and allow the states to determine what’s going to go into Medicaid.” During an appearance on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Mitt Romney said virtually the same thing when he said, “I’d take the dollars for those programs, send them back to the states, and say, ‘You craft your programs at your state level and the way you think best.”

In response to Tommy Thompson’s promise to end Medicare and Medicaid as we know them, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) has gotten involved in the U.S. Senate race backing Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin. The PCCC, which has nearly 27,500 members in Wisconsin, was very active in the 2011 recall elections here in Wisconsin as one of the leading groups running TV ads and mobilizing voters in the state.

To help Tammy Baldwin defeat Tommy Thompson in November, PCCC has set up an ActBlue fundraising page.


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