Yeah, so much for Scott Walker’s “local control”

Remember when Republican Gov. Scott Walker would tell anyone listening about how he favored giving local governments more “local control?” Yeah, so much for all that talk about “local control…”

Water bill discounts are being made available to hundreds of additional Milwaukee businesses in a move orchestrated by two appointees of Gov. Scott Walker, rankling city leaders who say they were not consulted about the change.

The Public Service Commission first approved the special business discounts last year, at the same time it increased rates for businesses and homeowners by an average of 24%.

In a 2-1 vote last month, the two PSC commissioners appointed by Walker extended the pilot project and removed some requirements that they considered too restrictive. The change effectively makes the discounts available to about 500 existing Milwaukee Water Works customers, up from about 160 previously.

So apparently Gov. Walker favors local control when it suits him, and when it doesn’t, bring on the Walker-appointed Madison bureaucrats!


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3 thoughts on “Yeah, so much for Scott Walker’s “local control”

  1. I agree with the premise of your blog – however, where do you get “Madison bureucrats” out of this report. These are chronies of his – plain and simple. I don’t know if they are from Madison or not – but don’t get regional about this. The simple fact is that he has a group of minions that do his bidding, regardless of where they may be from – hell, his new person running the state Public Health system is a 30ish yr old nurse from Texas whose only qualification (in his eyes) is that she was a member of ALEC and wants to see the programs protecting food, public pools, and health services for the poor run by private companies. why did he hire a texan to come here and study our deer population? why did he appoint the son of one of his biggest doners to head a division within the DOA when the kid didn’t have a college degree? it’s all about payback and how to destroy the gov’t.

  2. The scary thing is that he has the confidence that such blatant partisan moves won’t affect him. It’s Musilinism.

  3. Scott Walker advertised Act 10 as “local control,” but never explaining what he meant by that. Act 10 shifted revenue sources for localities from what was previously the State, to local cities and towns who were left to fend for themselves for raising needed monies to pay for government services. Just at the time we’re supposed to recover as a nation from the effects of the 2008 financial meltdown. Wall Street is doing little if anything to help “Main Streets.”
    Localities elect boards to come up with solutions to have a budget, but are left with zero. So that’s why we’re all supposed to buy into privatizing everything: to “save” money when little local tax revenue is coming in and the Republicans say “no more taxes.”
    Yes this all is “scary,” and it’s also insane and evil.

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