Andrew Sullivan: “Obama needs to get off his f–king pedestal and get some work done”

Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast opines on how President Barack Obama can turn things around in the wake of his abysmal debate performance last week:

Look: there’s time. I’ve sat through a few very very flat Obama performances in my time as well. He is often best when up against the wall. If a campaign can flip this quickly it can flip back again, with good management. Biden needs to take Ryan’s multiple contradictions apart and speak directly to the struggling middle class he can relate to. Obama needs to get off his fucking pedestal and get some work done: have crisp answers to what he wants to do; sharp exposures of Romney’s constant inconsistencies and lies; and a reminder of how massive a task he faced four years ago and how he has largely helped us turn the corner. The next Romney-Obama debate requires an Obama come-back of heroic proportions. That’s where your narrative ends, Barack, doesn’t it?Yep, that about sums up how I feel.


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