Another Ignorant Conservative Gets Literary

Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster, save us from conservative ignorance.

Arkansas Representative Jon Hubbard (R-Plantation) has written a book in which he steadfastly puts forth those ideas conservatives hold close to their nasty little shriveled hearts, but won’t say out loud for fear blacks won’t pick up their garbage anymore. From Wonkette comes this delightful piece by Kris Benson letting us in on the “thoughtful” meanderings of Rep. Hubbard.

Did you know that slavery was a blessing in disguise and because of that praiseworthy institution blacks are better off in America than they would be in dirty, dusty Africa?

And gosh, if only blacks would embrace higher education. They might attain so much more … like being the lead fry cook in charge of french fry production.

Oh, it’s the blacks’ fault that education scores are not what they were because integration caused whites to yearn for lower standards … you know, get lazy like blacks.

Unfracking believeable. Not really.

Did I mention that the Nazis were misunderstood.

Read the article here.


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