FBI and Dept of Justice Investigate the Homicide of Derek Williams

According to an article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website, the feds finally getting involved:

The FBI has launched a criminal civil rights investigation into the death of Derek Williams in Milwaukee police custody, federal officials announced Wednesday. Both the U.S. attorney and a state-level special prosecutor will use the FBI’s findings to determine whether any police officers should face criminal charges.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice is researching a possible pattern of civil rights abuses by Milwaukee police. Investigators will use the information to decide if federal authorities should take formal action against the entire department.

“There have been a number of incidents, a significant number of issues that are present that have shattered the confidence of the community,” Common Council President Willie L. Hines Jr. said. “There have been some heinous incidents. I think it’s important for us to allow an outside entity to make that determination.”


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