Haqqi campaign calls on State Rep. Dan Knodl to withdraw support of Rivard campaign

In the aftermath of his“some girls, they rape so easy” comments, Republican State Rep. Roger Rivard lost a lot of support among his fellow Republicans, but not among those Republicans who distanced themselves from Rivard’s comments is State Rep. Dan Knodl.

Instead of distancing himself from Rep. Rivard, Rep. Knodl is actually actively providing staff in support of Rep. Rivard’s reelection campaign. Last week Knodl’s opponent, Democrat Shan Haqqi, issued a statement calling on Rep. Knodl to withdraw his support for Rep. Rivard’s campaign.

Shan Haqqi, candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly District 24, called on his opponent, state Rep. Dan Knodl, to withdraw staff support from state Rep. Roger Rivard’s campaign and to disavow his colleague’s controversial comments about rape.

“I find it both shocking and offensive to learn that my opponent has yet to disavow his colleague’s disgusting comments, and worse, continues to actively support his campaign for re-election,” said Haqqi.

Knodl staffer Tim Lundquist has continued to work for Rep. Rivard’s campaign even after the candidate’s remarks resulted in the loss of endorsements and support from prominent Republicans such as Governor Scott Walker, Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, and state Rep. Robin Vos, who is leading the Republican effort to maintain a majority in the State Assembly.

“As Assistant Majority Leader, my opponent has a responsibility to lead his colleagues in rejecting hateful rhetoric that insults victims of sexual assault and makes light of a subject that deserves respectful and intelligent discussion,” said Haqqi. “The fact that he continues to support Rep. Rivard speaks not only to my opponent’s lack of leadership but to his lack of a moral and ethical compass.”

The controversy emerged earlier this month when Rivard attempted to clarify remarks he’d made to the Chetek Alert about how “some girls rape easy,” falsely claiming to have been raped after engaging in consensual sex.


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