Letter Carriers to Protest Ryan Fundraiser

From my email inbox from my friend Scott Van Derven:

Brothers and Sisters:

Paul Ryan is coming to Milwaukee on Sat October 6 for a $1,000 per plate fundraiser but he can’t be bothered to debate his challenger in the Wisconsin about the issues that are concerning people in Wisconsin. As he campaigns across the country for his agenda that leaves the middle class behind, he is in need of a greeting committee to remind him that we still matter.

The purpose of the greeting committee is to show the cross section of people who are not being included in the Romney/Ryan plan. If you belong to an organization, show your colors and make a sign to indicate your issue.

We should have Save The USPS signs available since he is not on our side with Postal legislation.

The start of the rally is 5:30pm on October 6 in front of the Pfister Hotel. 424 E. Wisconsin Avenue.

The Wisconsin Light Brigade will be attending with a lighted message for Paul.

We need to get his attention so PLEASE make every effort to come.

Thanks for all that you do to strengthen the middle class.

Scott A. Van Derven, President
WI State Association of Letter Carriers


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