Rep. Ryan Continues To Lie About the Keystone XL Pipeline

While campaigning in Ohio, GOP Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Representative Paul Ryan (WI 1 CD) trotted out the lies about the Keystone pipeline helping make the US energy independent:

Mitt Romney’s administration on Day One would approve a pipeline that would run from Canada to U.S. refineries in Texas, creating thousands of jobs and pushing America on its way to energy independence, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Monday.

Balderdash! As I’ve said before and before!

But apparently we need to reiterate a few of these points:

“We need to unlock the energy we have in this country to create jobs,” he said.” Well the oil sands are actually in Canada…which at this point is a foreign country

“Ryan blamed President Barack Obama for standing in the way of the Keystone XL pipeline and pushing too many environmental regulations…” Yes, the pipeline was stalled on environmental issues and the President said he would look at it again if it was moved away from the aquifier in Nebraska. And I believe the State of Nebraska actually asked for help with this. And if you don’t understand why we would want to avoid an aquifier with a petroleum pipeline, we need look no further than our own Town of Jackson!

“”We need to unlock the energy we have in this country to create jobs,” Yes building the pipeline will provide jobs during construction and it may add a few at the gulf refinery…and it will help maintain and possibly increase jobs at the gulf coast ports that will be used to export the end products of this oil. It ain’t staying here…if it were it could be refined at any number of inland refineries. AND the Republicans would support legislation to keep American refined products in the US instead of voting against it.

“…pushing America on its way to energy independence,…” If we really wanted to work toward energy independence, why is gasoline and aviation fuel our largest export? OUR LARGEST EXPORT? Why aren’t we keeping our refined products here? Is it because we can do better selling them on the world market? Is it because the oil is a world commodity and prices are set on world demand, not how much we use in the US?

The Keystone XL isn’t part of the grand scheme at US energy independence…it’s a boondoggle to place many middle Americans at risk in order to sell Canadian oil on the world market…and your pump price has nothing to do with it!


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3 thoughts on “Rep. Ryan Continues To Lie About the Keystone XL Pipeline

  1. Thanks for reposting these important points about Keystone XL. Remember, pipeline spills are not reported under the Toxic Release Inventory here in the U.S.. The amount of spilled product is mind-boggling (for those who still have a mind – not you, repugs).

    Soon, hard-to-protect, terrorism-susceptible, pipelines will be a target of those who would harm our country (in this case, not you, repugs). Lyin Ryan and Magic Underwear Mitt can spew their bullshit all they want – it won’t change the reality of these pipelines. They leak, they destroy the landscape during construction and maintenance, and they will not help us out of our addiction to oil.

    However, it is very likely that both the sniveling man-shrew Ryan, and the Cult-worshiper Romney want a new oil pipeline to deliver the grease they smear on their hair each morning. Greasy-haired, money-grubbing, lying scum for the XL Pipeline! Vote today.

  2. I would say it’s pretty simple – if you are AGAINST the Keystone pipeline, you would lean toward Obama. If you are FOR the pipeline, you would lean toward Romney.

    I think the drawbacks – while they exist for sure – are outweighed by the benefits. I think they should build it, and make sure it’s carefully done.

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