Supervisor Pat Jursik shares her thoughts on a south shore beer garden

On Tuesday I shared my support for placing a beer garden in Sheridan Park in Cudahy. Prior to posting my thoughts, I contacted Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik, whose district spans the cities of St. Francis, Cudahy, and South Milwaukee, as well as Wards 3 and 10 of Oak Creek, to get her thoughts on the possibility of a beer garden in Sheridan Park.

Here’s what Sup. Jursik had to say:

This has been discussed. The smaller shelter in Sheridan is rented almost every week for picnics that want access to an enclosed shelter with electricity and indoor bathrooms. The pool pavilion would be an interesting site, but it would take some major renovations. There is a very large room for swimmers to check their possessions into baskets. This is almost never used anymore. It would be an interesting mixed use to have a beer garden together with a swimming pool not unlike a lot of private clubs and golf courses. If we had to do it without major renovations, the most ideal spot in my opinion is probably the Warnimont Shelter at the golf course. This could lend itself fairly quickly to a beer garden with outside picnic tables and even a small menu of food items. The other interesting site might be Pulaski Park which does have a unique shelter that would lend itself to the original beer garden look, if you know what that is. However, Pulaski has some major structural concerns regarding the cracked mortar, etc. We have had no money to repair this pavilion.


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3 thoughts on “Supervisor Pat Jursik shares her thoughts on a south shore beer garden

  1. So to me this almost sounds like her ‘support’ for the Hoan bike lane. We want to do it but the only good option is very expensive so we can’t. Unless I’m reading this wrong.

    1. Yeah, you could be right, but I hope the County Board isn’t shortsighted about this. I really believe that a beer garden in Sheridan Park would be a boon, and the location is perfect to take advantage of its proximity to the lake.

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