The “Alpha Male” gets it wrong on Kyle Wood

“Wisconsin GOP Worker Attacked In a Gay-bashing Hate Crime!!” screamed the title of a recent blog entry by right-wing blogger Randy “Alpha-Male” Hollenbeck. Unfortunately for Hollenbeck, the supposed “gay-bashing hate crime” never happened, with the supposed “victim” now recanting his allegations and facing criminal charges for providing police with false information.

However, not content with one entry detailing the allegations (now recanted) by Republican operative Kyle Wood, Hollenbeck doubled down this morning, writing, “I must say, the left is getting unhinged that Obama is losing and going to lose that to the point they are moving beyond the point of stolen/damaged signs to physical violence. This is what hate brings and the real hate is on the left!”

Hollenbeck cited allegations made by Wood (and since recanted) that the partner of Democratic Congressional candidate Mark Pocan had made threats to Wood via text message as “proof” of the “physical violence” Hollenbeck says the left is resorting to, but since Kyle Wood’s recantation of the supposed threatening text messages, there’s been no update/clarification/apology from Hollenbeck, despite the fact that he’s posted new blog entries since Wood’s allegations were revealed to be false.

I guess being an “Alpha Male” conservative means not having to admit when you were wrong, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.


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