Thompson Baldwin Debate I

This past week I received an email chastising Blogging Blue for not covering President Barack Obama’s visit to Milwaukee or the Senatorial Debate between Rep. Tammy Baldwin and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. I begged off on the first event since I did not attend it. And I although I watched the Senatorial Debate, my PC was in the shop and I didn’t have an opportunity to post at the time.

However, I did put up some snark on Facebook using my wife’s Mac after the debate while she was still at school. SO, I am going to re-post those items now (and may edit them a bit for clarity – additions or changes in italics):

Just a little irony in Mr. Thompson taking credit for the job growth and economic vitality during his term as governor while condemning President Obama for the problems today…if the President and Feds have as much influence as he supposes, he really needs to share his success from 1992 to 2000 with President Clinton…aina?

I also wonder how control of any service by the state is superior to control by the federal government if individual control (or responsibility) is your purported goal?

I don’t think Mr. Thompson understands how much power a Senator has…it’s nothing like being a Governor…

Republicans (including Mr. Thompson this evening) keep talking about expanding fossil fuel production in the US to free us from slavery to foreign oil…yet nobody has the guts to ask them why gasoline and aviation fuel is currently our largest exports yet they refuse to legislate keeping American oil products in America. By the way Mr. Thompson, Alaska is part of America and the USA…(this last bit was Mr. Thompson’s suggestion that if we increased oil production in ANWR, we could bring it to America)

I keep forgetting that Mr. Thompson built Wisconsin. (with his bare hands – something that Mr. Thompson actually said during the debate…wth?)


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