Yep, he’s Tea Party Tommy now

Back in December of 2011, I wrote about Tommy Thompson’s campaign kickoff at Weldall Manufacturing here in Waukesha. At that event Thompson told supporters that mudslinging, lies, and distortion are not the “Wisconsin Way.” So he’s either done a complete 180 or he really needs the cash (or both) because on October 14 Paul Ryan will be stumping for Tommy at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

Here’s what the latest incarnation of Tommy had to say about the event. From Politico:

“I am proud to have Congressman Ryan help rally the people of our great state on my behalf,” said Thompson. “From the moment Paul was elected to Congress, I knew he would shake up the status quo in Washington to get things done the ‘Wisconsin Way’. Since then, Paul has made a name for himself as a commonsense reformer, and instead of watching as our nation tips closer to the fiscal brink, he has stepped up with solutions to the problems our nation is facing.  I know the people of Wisconsin will welcome Paul home as warmly as I do because they share our vision of responsible reforms, lower taxes and reducing government spending – a vision that will build a stronger and more prosperous America.”

Yep, Old School Tommy is long gone. He’s Tea Party Tommy now. No doubt about it.


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  1. Rob Zerban just showed up at Paul Ryan’s office with a 50,000-signature petition demanding a Ryan-Zerban debate. Ryan’s got all the time in the world to stump for Tommy but no time to debate Zerban? Ryan’s a fraud!

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