Another Young Man Killed By Conservative Justice

Jordan Davis, a 17 year-old black teenager was shot to death by Michael Dunn over a loud music dispute last Friday in — where else — Florida.  Apparently Dunn parked next to a car with four black teenagers listening to music and asked them to turn it down. Words were exchanged and Dunn reached into his glove compartment and fired eight to nine random shots — two hit the young man and killed him. Dunn drove off when his girlfriend returned to the car. He claimed he thought he had seen a gun barrel flashed inside the kids car and that they might be gang members.

By the way, no weapons were found inside the kids car.

Couple of things: Does anyone for one second think if the kids had been white Dunn would have opened fire? And his lawyer claims Dunn’s actions were those of a responsble firearm owner. Really? The responsibility bar must be set low.

And finally, he’ll probably get away with it.


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5 thoughts on “Another Young Man Killed By Conservative Justice

    1. You are correct. There is no connection.

      This blog post as well as many on Blogging Blue insights blame where there is none vs. thought provoking topics that could lead to actual dialog among readers.

      It is understood what this blog is, who it is by and by whose rules.
      It is understood that some of the commenters can go a little over the top once in a while.
      It would be helpful (my opinion) if the blog posters provide a topic of interest and refrain from self fulfilled finger pointing.

  1. I just have to follow up real quick, Watching GMA on ABC right now they did a story about a couple who saw a car driving recklessly they called the police to report it. When they got along side of the car at a stoplight they told the people in the other call they called the cops on them, at the time the passenger pulled out a gun pointing it at the couple, whole someone from the backseat jumped out and started to shoot at the couple Luckily they were all bad shots and no one was hit.

    Oh yeah the couple in the car white, the others car all black. Was this racism? Would they have done it if it was not a white couple? Were the kids in the car card carrying conservatives and that’s why they had guns? Were the guns even legal?

  2. If a car is driving erratically stay away from it. Only a conservative would be stupid enough to pull up alongside the vehicle and brag that he had called the cops. Only a conservative would fire a gun into a car of unarmed teenagers because they were playing loud music. Do we all need to buy weapons now so we can defend ourselves against stupid, annoyed or mentally deranged conservatives?

  3. I also read this “article” and see no political connection. It must take a special type of person to lie to themselves and write this type of crap. Go out and start a business, hire a few employees produce something. This is just garbage.

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