Brett Hulsey shows his “Thanksgiving compassion”

Earlier today Lisa reported on the decision by management of Madison radio station WTDY to fire its entire newsroom staff, including morning drive host John “Sly” Sylvester, and while I don’t have much to add to what Lisa wrote, I felt compelled to highlight a tweet sent out by Democratic State Rep. Brett Hulsey.

While I appreciate that Brett Hulsey – who had been the subject of criticism by Sly – would be glad to see a critic silenced, it’s disappointing that Hulsey couldn’t “be the bigger man” and show a little class and compassion towards someone who was unceremoniously fired a day before Thanksgiving.

Hulsey’s tweet today makes me glad he was routed in his attempt to become the leader of the Democratic Assembly minority.


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11 thoughts on “Brett Hulsey shows his “Thanksgiving compassion”

  1. I always thought Sly and Brett sort of had a friendly fight going on. Brett has been acting like an ass ever since the beach incident, and him running for minority leader was a joke. Sometimes Brett does get it right however, he had the remaining protesters join him to leave the capitol, although a small drum circle sat around until the next morning.

  2. AJ- Just because Hulsey’s often the right side of the issues doesn’t mean he deserves to keep that seat. There’s probably 30 to 40 thousand people in that district who would vote in a similar manner, and represent the area a lot better than that assclown.

    Heck, I’m tempted to try a move 10 blocks to the west so I can run against the guy in 2014, but I don’t think my fiancee would be keen on it.

    1. Look, I don’t support everything Sly says (the Kleefisch comments being a perfect example), but are you really trying to tell us that there’s no conservative “war on women?”

      Yeah, I suppose Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “prostitute” and a “slut” was all meant in jest, right? I’m sure Limbaugh meant no malice in his comments, just like I’m sure the myriad of absurdly stupid comments from Republican elected officials/candidates in 2012 about rape and abortion were just “mistakes.”

      1. I still don’t understand why Sandra Fluke was celebrated or defended, as her sole public purpose was to demand that someone else pay for her birth control (because she chose to attend a religious university no less). If that’s not the cancer of an entitlement society, I don’t know what is. Someone else should pay because… just because? If she doesn’t want others “policing her body” as she puts it, then she should be responsible enough to pay for her own birth control or ask the guy(s) she is sleeping with. But don’t make me an accessory to it. That’s called being a responsible adult in society. Her clueless dependency makes me sick, as it should you.

  3. How can anyone expect Hulsey to be sympathetic to a boar who routinely took cheap shots at him. Sly was more interested in gossip mongering than news gathering.
    Good riddance!

  4. After the way Hulsey has acted in the past, why are you suprised? However, I don’t see his comment here as out of line and I can hardly blame him for being glad a jerk jock like Sly is no longer poisoning the airwaves.

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