Endorsements: November 6 2012

Normally I wouldn’t go down the list this far to endorse candidates across the entire state. But we are living in extraordinary times. And if you read the list we have an opportunity to elect a lot of Democratic women to the State Assembly…which I think would be an outstanding idea.

But for those of you who haven’t voted, make sure you vote on Tuesday November 6th…and although it is your right to do so…it is ALSO your civic responsibility!

President: Barack Obama

US Senator: Tammy Baldwin

US House:

District 1 Rob Zerban
District 2 Mark Pocan
District 3 Ron Kind
District 4 Gwen Moore
District 5 Dave Heaster
District 6 Joe Kallas
District 7 Pat Kreitlow
District 8 Jamie Wall

State Senate:
District 10 Dan Olson
District 12 Susan Sommer
District 14 Margerete Worthington
District 18 Jessica King
District 20 Tanya Lohr
District 22 Robert Wirch
District 24 Julie Lassa
District 28 Jim Ward
District 30 Dave Hansen
District 32 Jennifer Shilling

State Assembly:
District 1 Patrick Veeser
District 2 Larry Preuss
District 3 Kole Oswald
District 4 Michael Malcheski
District 5 Jeff McCabe
District 6 John Powers
District 13 John Pokrandt
District 14 Chris Rockwood
District 15 Cindy Moore
District 17 La Tonya Johnson
District 18 Evan Goyke
District 20 Christine Sinicki
District 21 William Kurtz
District 23 Cris Rogers
District 24 Shan Haqqi
District 25 Jim Brey
District 26 Mike Helmke
District 27 Steve Bauer
District 28 Adam Bever
District 29 Jim Swanson
District 30 Diane Odeen
District 31 Ryan Schroeder
District 32 Kim Peterson
District 33 Scott Alan Woods
District 34 Merlin Van Buren
District 35 Kevin Koth
District 36 Dorothy Kegley
District 37 Mary Arnold
District 38 Scott Michalak
District 39 Jim Grigg
District 41 Melissa Sorenson
District 42 Paula Cooper
District 43 Andy Jorgensen
District 44 Debra Kolste
District 45 Janis Ringhand
District 46 Gary Hebl
District 47 Robb Kahl
District 48 Melissa Agard Sargent
District 49 Carol Beals
District 50 Sara Ann Shanahan
District 51 Maureen May-Grimm
District 52 Paul Czisny
District 53 Ryan Flejter
District 54 Gordon Hintz
District 55 Jim Crail
District 56 Richard Shoenbohm
District 60 Perry Duman
District 61 John Steinbrink
District 62 Melissa Lemke
District 63 Kelley Albrecht
District 67 Deb Bieging
District 68 Judy Smriga
District 69 Paul Knoff
District 70 Amy Sue Vruwink
District 71 Katrina Shankland
District 72 Justin Pluess
District 74 Janet Bewley
District 75 Stephen Smith
District 78 Brett Hulsey
District 80 Sondy Pope-Roberts
District 81 Fred Clark
District 82 Kathleen Wied-Vincent
District 83 James Brownlow
District 84 Jesse Roelke
District 85 Mandy Wright
District 86 Dennis Halkoski
District 87 Elizabeth Riley
District 88 Ward Bacon
District 89 Joe Reinhard
District 90 Eric Genrich
District 93 Jeff Smith
District 94 Steve Doyle
District 96 Tom Johnson
District 97 Marga Krumins
District 98 Eric Prudent
District 99 Thomas Hibbard

And best wishes to our friends who are running unopposed tomorrow. I am not going to list them because I don’t want to offend if I miss someone. But thank you for running. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I know how difficult it is!


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2 thoughts on “Endorsements: November 6 2012

  1. Hey Ed – Thanks for the great posting. I would just like to put in a plug for myself, even though it only affects Waukesha County residents. I’m Jessie Read and I am the Democrat candidate for Waukesha County Clerk. A choice for Waukesha County – for real change.

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