Milwaukee Voter Turn Out a Ridiculous 87 Per Cent!

Professional GOP apologist propagandist and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conservative favorite son, Christian Schneider, tossed off the following bit of jetsam in his analysis of Tuesday’s Presidential Election:

The City of Milwaukee had a ridiculous 87% turnout rate on Tuesday…

The only thing ridiculous about the Milwaukee turnout rate is the fact it wasn’t matched or exceeded by every ward in the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee showed the way to democracy while the rest of the state sat on their thumbs. Shame on the rest of Wisconsin.


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5 thoughts on “Milwaukee Voter Turn Out a Ridiculous 87 Per Cent!

  1. I think you’ve missed the context of this Ed & are really off the mark on what you think he meant.

    It sure reads to me like he used ridiculous to mean more amazing/fantastic. I didn’t get the slightest hint of an allegation that there was anything wrong or improper.

  2. Locke, I think you missed my point. I wasn’t questioning Mr. Schneider’s quote…I think he intended exactly what you stated. But it certainly can be construed the other way, that the quite large voeter turn out was ridiculous in comparison to what is normally expected. And it does read kinda funny.

    But my main point was that 87% or higher should be the norm across the state, not the highest outlier.

    1. You’re right, I did miss your point – sorry about that.

      To that end, the Presidential election was a bit surprising when you look at the raw totals nationally. Romney got about 2 million less votes than McCain (who was a very weak candidate). Obama got about 9 million less votes than last time. Whether your guy won or lost unless you voted for the Libertarian, he got a lot less votes than he/his party got last time.

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