Minority Leader Larson appoints Shilling, Wirch to serve on Joint Finance Committee

This is about a week old, but I’m just catching up from a long Thanksgiving “weekend.”

Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) announced today the appointment of Senator Bob Wirch (D–Somers) and Senator Jennifer Shilling (D–La Crosse) to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance for the 2013-2014 Legislative Session.

“Sen. Wirch and Sen. Shilling have demonstrated that they are committed to working with fellow Democrats, Republican legislators, and the governor to move Wisconsin forward for all,” said Sen. Larson. “Not only do they have significant experience in the Legislature and have previously served on Joint Finance, but they are also proven champions of working families, economic development, and Wisconsin’s shared values.”

“I look forward to working with Senators Wirch and Shilling to create family supporting jobs for people across Wisconsin, increase economic development throughout the state, invest in our next generation of workers by protecting our K-12 schools, technical colleges, and universities, and improve accountability and transparency measures in state agencies,” said Sen. Larson.


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4 thoughts on “Minority Leader Larson appoints Shilling, Wirch to serve on Joint Finance Committee

  1. So no mention of the fact that Milwaukee no longer has a representative on the Joint Finance Committee and the only African American was taken off?

    1. And how exactly did Lena Taylor’s prior representation on Joint Finance directly benefit Milwaukee? What did she do during her time on Joint Finance that made her continued presence there necessary?

      The fact is, Lena Taylor is part of the reason why Milwaukee’s influence in the legislature has waned, so I see no reason to keep rewarding her.

        1. Are you arguing that appointments to Joint Finance should be made solely on skin color? Other than Sen. Taylor, the only African American in the State Senate is Senator-elect Nikiya Harris, and I’m not sure that placing a newly-elected Senator on Joint Finance is necessarily the best idea.

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