Nyjer Morgan’s career as a Brewer over

T-Plush, we hardly knew ya…

The “Tony Plush” era came to an abrupt end Thursday when the Milwaukee Brewers announced they sent outfielder Nyjer Morgan outright to Class AAA Nashville.

Morgan cleared waivers before that move, and as a player with four-plus years in the majors must wait 24 hours before declaring free agency. He will do so Friday, severing ties with the club.

While I certainly appreciate Nyjer Morgan’s contributions to the Brewers in 2011, I think this is the right move to make. Morgan’s production in 2012 fell off dramatically, and given his likely salary for the 2013 season, the Brewers are better off seeing if Carlos Gomez’s career-best performance in 2012 was a fluke or a sign of things to come.


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1 thought on “Nyjer Morgan’s career as a Brewer over

  1. As I type this, I glance up and see my Nyjer Morgan bobblehead grinning down at me from my office shelf.

    He was a lot of fun in 2011, and all the Cardinals fans hated him, which made me like him even more. But I agree, Gomez is the better option, just based on his defense alone.


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