Sen. Grothman (R) claims Obama and Baldwin probably won due to fraud. But wait, there’s more…

Republican Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) handily defeated his Democratic opponent, Tanya Lohr, in last week’s election, but apparently it wasn’t easy. Grothman took to the airwaves Thursday morning to talk about “the special interests” he was up against, including, um, the New World Order. Grothman also claimed that President Obama and Tammy Baldwin probably won their elections due to fraud, and that eventually he’s “going to have to lay down the gauntlet” on the people who enforce Obamacare. Seriously.

When speaking with Sly this morning, State Senator Grothman seemed truly baffled by the $600 donation he said Tanya Lohr received from “the New World Order” aka “the Council on Foreign Relations,” so much so that he couldn’t really be certain from whence the donation came. The donation was sent from a woman named “Anne” who lives in Maryland, and according to Grothman, she has donated before.

When radio show host Sly Sylvestor pressed Grothman to explain why the Council on Foreign Relations might be out to get him and asked if there “was a target on his back,” Grothman admitted it was a real head-scratcher. He plans to look into it further, he said.

Grothman also plans to “talk to some more people” about the probability that President Obama won re-election due to fraud, explaining that “some people are of the opinion that Democrats cheat.”

One thing Grothman did seem certain about was that the U.S. Supreme Court does not enforce the Constitution and that it hasn’t for many years, which is why America’s going downhill, and why state senators like himself will “eventually have to lay down the gauntlet” on those who enforce Obamacare (aka the feds).

To listen to Senator Glenn Grothman’s interview with Sly, click here. The 70% of people who voted for Senator Grothman may find it enlightening. Or maybe not.


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