Stay classy, you sour grapes conservatives!

From the files of, “stay classy sore losers” come these nuggets.

  • First up is failed Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who rather than accepting the fact that the voters of the Fourth Congressional district simply don’t like his message or lack of substantive solutions to their problems, instead chose to blame the lack of voter ID laws for his complete and total electoral drubbing (emphasis added).

    4th District Candidate Sebring Speaks on Election Outcome

    November 6, 2012 Milwaukee, Wi. 11:30pm Commenting on the outcome of this evenings election, 4th District Candidate Dan Sebring (R) had this to say: “The 4th District Congressional race has been called for my opponent. While I have to say that this is not the outcome that we were hoping for…until such time as we here in Wisconsin have election integrity that is guaranteed by the enactment of the Voter ID bill that is being held hostage by liberal activist judges in Madison, I will not concede.”

  • And then there’s Republican Donald Trump, who showed last night why most reasonable people think he’s a complete and total d-bag.

  • Last (but most certainly not least) is this compilation of racist tweets by conservatives upset by President Obama’s win on Tuesday. Warning – the tweets are utterly repulsive and not safe for work (unless you work for the Klu Klux Klan).

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1 thought on “Stay classy, you sour grapes conservatives!

  1. Just remind “conservatives” (doublespeak for radical predators) of their wins in Wisconsin denegrating the sanctuary of Progressive politics.

    Is this beyond the pale?

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