VIDEO: Tommy Thompson blames his wife for his decision to work as a lobbyist

With the exception of a recently released TV ad, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson hasn’t really mentioned his wife Sue Ann on the campaign trail.

However, ask Tommy why he took a job as a lobbyist after his time in government was over and he’ll give you an honest answer – it’s all his wife’s doing. As Tommy explains in the video below, he cashed in his government connections to become a Washington, D.C. lobbyist because his wife Sue Ann wanted to do more shopping.

Not only is there a healthy dose of chauvinism in Tommy Thompson’s “circa 1950” comments about him only going to work as a Washington, D.C. lobbyist in order to satiate his wife’s shopping habits, but his comments reek of someone who wants to cast blame on his wife for decisions he made – decisions that are now coming back to impede his personal political ambitions. Instead of blaming his wife for his decision to work as a lobbyist and make millions of dollars, Tommy Thompson should just take some personal responsibility and admit he saw an opportunity to cash in on his career in public service and took that opportunity.


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tommy Thompson blames his wife for his decision to work as a lobbyist

  1. Wow, it takes big brass ones to the blame your own greed on the the wife you have been cheating on for forty years.

  2. Perhaps lesbian wives do less shopping, or a different kind, as they as not prone to being glamour fashionistas. Home furnishings perhaps, vegan speciality foods, or sets of tools. Tommy T. certainly seems like a old tool that needs replacing…(could not resist that bit of snark, sorry…)Hey, I forgot, there ARE no lesbian wives in Wisconsin yet, darn, Tammy could not use THIS excuse, even if she wanted to. Perhaps, when she is elected, if the urban vote can overwhelm the rural antipathy, she can help do something about this situation at the Federal level, unlike Herb “Don’t bother me, I’m in the Closet” Kohl.

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