A Fissure in the Ass Clown Caucus?

As was reported here at Blogging Blue awhile back, the first crack in the Ass Clown Caucus (ACC) appeared when state rep Tom Larson (R-Colfax) renounced his support for arresting federal officials attempting to implement the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin.

But is the crack widening?

The JS Online is reporting that state rep and ACC member Scott Krug (R-Wisconsin Rapids) told his staff he did not support the arrest of federal “Obamacare” officials, though he appears to have told the Campaign for Liberty that not only would he support their arrest, he would even sponsor legislation toward that end. Krug has refused to clarify his stance in the wake of the story.

Questions remain. Is Scott Krug leaving the ACC, or does he stand by his original survey response? Will ACC membership hinder republican state rep Don Pridemore’s run for superintendent of Public Instruction? Will Pridemore leave the caucus in his bid for statewide election?

And could the crack in the Ass Clown Caucus become a fissure?


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