An unspeakable horror

There really aren’t any words to adequately convey what a tragedy Friday’s mass shooting in Connecticut is. School is supposed to be a safe place, but for too many innocents that simply wasn’t the case, and as a parent I can’t even begin to fathom what the parents of those children who were gunned down are going through.

As I noted on Facebook, yesterday I hugged my little guy a little harder than usual before he went to bed. I couldn’t even begin to imagine him not coming home from school one day.


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3 thoughts on “An unspeakable horror

  1. My wife and I, who are both in our mid-fifties, agreed that not once in our twelve years of elementary/junior/high school did we ever have to worry about getting shot at school. Never even entered our minds.

    God help them out in Newtown.

  2. There is no greater pain to a parent than the loss of a child. It is not only mental, it is physical, it is spiritual. We lost a son just as he was beginning a career due to an aneurysm and several years later our youngest daughter, finishing her studies to become a nurse, died as a passenger in an auto accident.

    But to lose those so young as in Newtown is beyond mortal understanding or feeling for most of us.

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