“Fiscal Showdown Event” energizes, empowers Waukesha County participants

About 20 people participated in the “Fiscal Showdown Event” at Rep. Sensenbrenner’s (R) office on Monday evening, according to event organizer, Dave Heaster. That’s a pretty good crowd considering the temperature (32 degrees and dropping) and the location (ultra-conservative Brookfield, Wisconsin). Though they were unable to speak directly with Rep. Sensenbrenner about their concerns, attendees left feeling “energized” and “empowered.”

As Heaster had explained in his event invite, “Fiscal showdown talks are heating up, and some Democrats are saying publicly that they’re willing to trade cuts to Medicare benefits to get the GOP to raise taxes on the rich. We need to expose Big Jim and all House Republicans for holding up middle class tax cuts in order to protect giveaways for the top 2%.”

But by the time the group had assembled at Bishops Woods Office Park, Rep. Sensenbrenner and his staff had left for the day.

“We did not let that deter us,” said Heaster. “We agreed to send emails and voice mails to Jim’s office this week – stating that we were hoping to talk with him in person, but here are our concerns… ”

Then the cold-nosed, sign-carrying participants took the opportunity to share their own personal stories about how a tax increase would hurt their families.

Said Heaster,”Our stories helped energize one another and reminded us that we can make a difference and, at the very least, raise our spirits and our soul with the simple act of standing up and doing something about it.”

Amen to that.

A few of the participants. Credit-Thomas



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  1. LOL 20 people

    Raising taxes on the producers funds Obama’s spending for 8 days. Time to come up with real solutions blue bloggers.

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