I’m in.

As some of you who are acquainted with me on Facebook may already know, I’ve made the decision to run for office. I’ve already finished the necessary paperwork and I’ve gathered the required number of signatures, so it’s a done deal – I’m running for Alderman in Cudahy’s third district.

While I anticipate I’ll still lurk around here as a commenter (and I may post an entry from time to time), the main focus of my attention from now until the spring election in April 2013 is going to be working hard to convince the voters of the third aldermanic district that I’m the best candidate to represent them on Cudahy’s Common Council.


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9 thoughts on “I’m in.

  1. Zach, thanks. It takes great courage to run. We need smart, tough folks such as yourself in government. Once you get a website up, I’ll send you some material support.

  2. It is great to see more people with liberal views getting involved in local government. I’ve served as a Trustee in my local municipality (Kronenwetter in Marathon County, pop. 7210), since 2006. There is a level of pride in seeing some of the decisions I’ve helped make have had a positive impact on the community. Having some liberal and some conservative voices leads to better decision-making overall. Best wishes as you pursue this new adventure.

  3. Been busy & mostly just an occasional lurker (at best) lately, but just wanted to pop in & wish you well.

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