The Overpass Light Brigade is much more than a group of locals holding lighted messages above freeways; it’s a positive, creative, and powerful tool for social and political change. What began as an outlet for the frustrations of a few concerned citizens during the Wisconsin Uprising has morphed into a nation-wide progressive phenomenon. And now, an Overpass Light Brigade photo exhibit is coming to Milwaukee beginning January 4, 2013.

From Occupy Riverwest:

In the last year many have enjoyed the photos and stories of the Overpass Light Brigade one post at a time on Facebook. Beginning January 4th, much of the work done by the photographers of the OLB will be showcased at the Art Bar (722 E. Burleigh Street) in Riverwest.

The opening Friday night kickoff for “The People’s Bandwidth” photo installation will include many of the photographers and their OLB work as well as music from local Milwaukee “holders of the light” and musicians Denny Rauen and Robert Hansen. The installation will also feature a “People’s Wall” in which anyone can add their own photos to a community OLB collage.

The Overpass Light Brigade photo installation will be on display from January 4, 2013- February 7, 2013. It’s a must-see.

Go, Overpass Light Brigade, go!


Image from Occupy RiverWest


Image via Overpass Light Brigade FB fan page

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4 Responses to Overpass Light Brigade photo exhibit kicks off January 4th in Milwaukee

  1. John Casper says:


    Thanks Lisa.

  2. independent guy says:

    The Overpass Light Brigade isn\’t nearly as controverial as firearms. Good.
    Wished I woulda thought of it…pretty cool.

  3. […] Art Bar on Friday night to celebrate the kickoff of “The People’s Bandwidth” aka the Overpass Light Brigade photo exhibit. “The essence of this exhibition is community; it’s not about any one person’s contribution or […]

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