Walker Proposes Freeze on UW Tuition

According to the Associated Press:

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s considering several options to keep tuitions affordable in the University of Wisconsin System.

First, no matter what the governor thinks, it costs a serious amount of money to run a world class university. One that he likes to tout for it’s job creation and business spin offs.

But guess what? When you cut state support of the University, it has to get the revenues from other sources and unfortunately one of them is tuition. And the recent increase in the numbers of out of state residents that will be admitted to UW is one of those tuition revenue enhancements.

The governor is eager to tout the universities contribution to the state economy. He often declares that education will close the skills gap and put Wisconsinites back to work. But when it comes right down to it, he’s willing to choke the university instead of nurturing it. Get out of the way Governor and let the UW Board run a university!


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2 thoughts on “Walker Proposes Freeze on UW Tuition

  1. The goal is to screw up the UW System beyond the point of no return. Just like with K-12 education and a host of other services. I wish UW-Madison would go private, so this bum and (n)ASS would get the hell out of the way of an institution that brings in millions to the state in research funding and hundreds of millions more in home-grown economic development.

  2. The UW system has been messed up since the Fed got involved…. The issue with tuition is they are making it easier for everyone to get loans/aide which is a great idea h. The down side is schools jack up all their costs knowing this and do not care that students are in debt years later. Average debt when you when you gert out of school to be a doctor is near 500,000k. This sets up alot of misuse of money on wasteful government programs in the name of education. The rising tuition costs have nothing to do with pay and everything to do with availability of money. Next will be the schooling bubble.

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