Who is Randy Hollenbeck?

So it appears “Ultra conservative!” Cudahy blogger Randy Hollenbeck is going to be running for office in the spring of 2013. While he hasn’t made a formal announcement of his plans (unless a comment on his blog counts), it appears Hollenbeck will be running for alderman in Cudahy’s 3rd Aldermanic district.

In advance of his run for office, Hollenbeck has been busying himself explaining who he is and what he believes in, but who Randy Hollenbeck is and what he believes in can be summed up with two words: “Ultra-Conservative!

Unfortunately for Hollenbeck, he might not find many folks in Cudahy’s third Aldermanic district who support his extremely divisive, ultra conservative beliefs, given the fact that the three wards that compose the third Aldermanic district voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in the 2012 fall election. What’s more, the district voted in favor of the Tom Barrett/Mahlon Mitchell ticket in the 2012 gubernatorial recall election.

The fact is, voters in Cudahy’s third Aldermanic district have had three opportunities to cast a majority of their votes for conservatives who share Hollenbeck’s ideals – folks like Scott Walker, Molly McGartland, and Dan Sebring – and when given those opportunities voters have chosen to vote for candidates who represent a very different set of ideals.


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