Thursday Music: Dave Dudley: Six Days on the Road

Yeah, I am back from vacation! And I am still a bit jet lagged so I am posting this early:

That was a pretty short song…so here’s an encore by Faron Young: Hello Walls.


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9 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Dave Dudley: Six Days on the Road

  1. Would anyone be interested in buying Dave Dudley’s original 1952 Gibson sj-200 acoustic guitar? He has played it his entire career and is the very same guitar that he used to record many of his hit singles and albums. His wife is still alive and living in Minnesota. I have pictures and all the documents anyone will ever need to validate this historic instrument. There is only one in the world and is now for sale to any Dave Dudley fans out there.

      1. I have been asking advice about this guitar in the Gibson Board Forum and have had many replies and tons of info. From what I get its worth from $500 to about $2000 in its condition. I have also posted pictures in that site if you want to take a look. I hope I can find the right buyer for this as the owner is a really nice guy and I want to do him solid.

    1. I would put you in touch directly with the owner. He isn’t very Internet savy so I’m doing this part for him. I can say that he’s not desperate to sell it or in a hurry. I didn’t think I would find anyone for him and thought I might buy it myself but this is way over my head.

      1. As much as I’d love to own this guitar I have to be completely honest with you. It’s probably worth much more than I would be prepared to offer. I would contact Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. They would be happy to put it on consignment or make him an offer. understand the offer they make would likely be 60% of what it could potentially sell for and if they sell it on consignment they would probably want 20% or so. I’m not able to talk numbers, as that would be their policy, not mine. Gruhns is a business for sure, but they have been in the vintage business since the 60s and George Gruhn has a very good reputation. Someone would probably love to have a piece of history such as this (me included).

  2. Saw Mr. Dudley in 1970 as part of a ‘three-fer’- with Waylon Jennings and some guy named Willie Nelson.
    I tagged along with some Chicago musicians to the venue out in Kankakee; the concert was sponsored by the Kankakee Police Dept., and the County Sheriff.
    (And, yes- the cops “boo-ed” Waylon when he came out with long hair and his Outlaw Look (though that detail needed to be explained to me).
    What a trip. And so was the music! Sort of this East Coast girl’s intro to a whole new Sound.

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